Astronaut Ice Cream

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Just because you may never get to experience life up in space, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tasty treats like a real astronaut! This astronaut ice cream was developed by Nasa for early Apollo Space Missions! It has been frozen at -40F and then vacuum dried, so when you open it it’s ready to eat!



  1. Michelle Menchenton

    I HAD THOSE!! it really good but my fav is chocolate!! really really really good!!

  2. Anna Martin

    wow crazy!

  3. Steven C. De Pater

    The Sandwitch ones are better

  4. Melissa Marie Dobson

    i would like try that sometime

  5. Pauly Kenneth Deuel

    so so so soooooo good

  6. Ellinor Crisol Banse

    is it? I'm scared to try it..

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