Apple Peeler

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If you love apples but hate peeling them yourself then the apple peeler is just what you need! Fast and easy to use. Peels apples effortlessly and peels just the skin leaving you with maximum amount of fruit to eat! YUM!

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  1. Karri PrettyLady

    I WANT

  2. Karri PrettyLady

    I WANT

  3. Alice Kirbyson

    … who has the time, effort or patience to peel an apple? Just eat the bastard thing.

  4. Margot Garino

    Me encanta

  5. Brighty Kelley

    I need this desperately

  6. Tomas Cauchi

    wow , these are like realy old :O I have one from my mom it was hers mothers and the one I have takes the core out 🙂 so much better than this plastic crap ;).

  7. Jo Smith

    Shouldn't remove the skin it's good for you 🙂

  8. Cara Meade

    Bethan Humphreys

  9. Sarah Beane

    Omg! I've been searching for something like this my whole life. Now I can go back to feeding the kids the right way

  10. Shauna Sadler

    Ciara here is an apple peeler for ya

  11. Shauna Sadler

    Ciara here is an apple peeler for ya

  12. Mehrnoosh Shabdiz

    faghat kafie becharkhe :XxxX

  13. Nanna Trytek

    You can still eat it?

  14. Ann ‘Annie’ Kerridge

    Lol a woman after my heart because I was just about to write the same comment!! Lol

  15. Jus AintRite

    I need this

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