AK47 Ice Cubes

Give your drinks some fire power with these epic AK-47 Ice Bullets! Make even the girliest of drinks manly with these babies!



  1. Tommy Cash Tucker

    Be looking like Ahhhnnooollldddddd at the pahty!

  2. Al James

    Looks like 7.62 cubes to me!

    • Deborah Anne Kennedy

      Does it really matter? Lol

    • Tony Miller

      ak47s use 7.62mm bullets..

    • Cory O’Brien

      Al is stating the fact that this is BULLETS and not an AK47 shaped ice cube tray. It doesn't matter that an AK fires 7.62, that's not what the title states.

    • Sarah Carmel

      ^^^It's exactly that attitude that makes girls seem so stupid.

    • Jon Di

      lol Why is everyone so serious over internet?

    • Bishop C. Bailey

      These are. Not this is. U r bad gramer.

    • Sam Pothecary

      If they're the correct caliber then they could (Theoretically) be used in the RPD or SKS among other rifles…. (7.62×32 (Short))

    • Christopher Sherwood

      you are*

  3. Anastacia McMullen

    That's kinda awesome. JD Tatanka Dodds, Corey Landers are the two that come to mind first.

  4. Anastacia McMullen

    That's kinda awesome. JD Tatanka Dodds, Corey Landers are the two that come to mind first.

  5. Dagoberto Leal Jr

    Are these flat at the top?

  6. Laurie Elaine Purdy


  7. Rynae Dawson

    This is cool.

  8. Brandi Wilkin


  9. Tokes Huge Bluntz

    so good

  10. Ashley Bernklau

    Hell yes

  11. Danno Sevensixeight Hfiveo

    Cory O'Brien it would have to be AK47 magazine

  12. Marco Antonio Moreno

    so you noticed that they are 7.62 but didn't notice they aren't cubes? interesting.

  13. KrystalandLazaro Torres

    This shit is fuckin cool as shit.

  14. Ray McCain

    Pedro Manuel Tellez.

  15. Ashley Henderson

    I want these to freak people out … lol

  16. Justin Allen

    Guess you could say I'm swallowing a bullet haha! ( In the unlikely event that I actually were to swallow a whole bullet sized icecube. )

  17. Erika Rivera

    thats pretty cool.

  18. Jaden Manning

    just ice people -_-

  19. Jack Hammock

    George Navrady-Pitcher

  20. Tanya Collins

    Zach Clark

  21. Candice Sherer

    This is too cool!

  22. Jessica Mc Gehee

    I would use them for jello πŸ™‚

  23. Jimi Bush

    Chris Frank, You need these for cocktail hour! πŸ™‚

  24. Chris Frank

    OH!!! MAN! I got to get me one those!! Of course in lots of calibers!!

  25. Chris Frank

    I wish I could have thought of that! πŸ™‚

  26. Jimi Bush

    Chris Frank I know right. We could be gajillionaires! πŸ™‚

  27. Lula Yolanda Parker

    Give these to my sons and grandsons for Xmas.

  28. Dan Hatch

    Sal Soto

  29. Amanda Borell

    Tasha david

  30. Heather Sechtem Bachman


  31. Heather Sechtem Bachman

    Isaac Sechtem

  32. David Hurlbert


  33. Erik V Myers

    I am totally getting me one of these n some for gifts as well.

  34. Octavia Keller

    Clay Phelps

  35. Eve Kamonrat

    shut up and take my money.

  36. Beatrice Ruiz


  37. Lisa Clayton


  38. Lisa Clayton

    Adam Hill Joe Reynolds

  39. Lucas Carrillo

    jesus guys this was supposed to be a sarcastic joke
    were did the days go were people could be funny an not get harrased

  40. Lucas Carrillo

    says to bar tender "hey could i have a shot of whiskey"
    bartender gives him a glass of whiskey with these ice cubes
    bar becomes famous

  41. Dustin Buchanan

    Sam Pothecary, AK47's don't shoot 7.62×32….

  42. Jeanie Mclean

    Marie & George thought you might like this!!

  43. Jeanie Mclean

    Marie Vilsack George Vilsack III

  44. Facepalma Nardozza


  45. Carlton FP Robertson

    Love this site bought loads and all epic.
    But gotta admit these are crap, well disappointed πŸ™
    They crake when gettin them out and look nothing like bullets more of a length of ice lol.
    But the rest I have bought is just epic

  46. Debbie Nagey

    I want this.

  47. Danyell Shaewolfe


  48. Marita Hughes

    could you actually use these for bullets?

  49. Kia Dorkette

    I like to drink dangerously πŸ˜‰

  50. Shawn A Ramming

    Everybody add me and go check out my music in

  51. Allison Mac Kenzie

    Would love to have this ice cube tray!

  52. Christopher Contant


  53. Joshua Olsen


  54. Joshua Olsen


  55. Joshua Olsen


  56. Joshua Olsen


  57. Marita Hughes

    Joshua Olsen thats sooooo cool!

  58. Nate Albertson


  59. JingJing Tan

    Time to take some shots shots shots shots shots shots

  60. Kimberly Fruits

    No, once you fired them, they would just shatter. Mythbusters already tried it.

  61. Marita Hughes

    Kimberly Fruits πŸ™ they mythbusted all over my dreams

  62. Sam Speck

    Dad look lol we need these xD

  63. Jan Marie Czarine Palmones

    @Jerome palmones

  64. Jessica Nurrenbern

    Here's an interesting idea!

  65. Debbie Courtney

    they look cool
    really cool

  66. Megan Nevermine

    Now you can have pop and a AK47 Ice cube bullet.

  67. Christopher T. Hall

    these arnt ak47 ice cubes they are 5.56 icecubes

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