8 Position Bed Lounger

Enjoy comfort and support with the 8 position bed lounger! Find the most comfortable position that suits you with 8 different combinations to choose from. Comes with 3 wedge shaped cushions that can be zipped together or used individually to target a specific area. Constructed of high quality support foam.



  1. Rebecca Jade

    Perfect preggo couch!

  2. Lori Hansen Quinton

    This is a must for pregnant moms or those recovery from surgery!

  3. Colleen Curran

    I really want n need this 🙂

  4. Rekan Hama

    I really need this I like it.

  5. Nyi Nyi Htun

    I have seen these in porn.

  6. Nyi Nyi Htun

    I have seen these in porn.

  7. Dillon Field

    I only see 6.

  8. Ann Rogers Scott

    I have one and use it for my back. Had 3 surgeries and suffer sciatica. I use this for several days and can actually get relief. You will not regret buying this. I give it a #10 thumbs up.

  9. Cynthia Schifilliti-Harding


  10. Lindsay Butler

    I need this

  11. Holly Jean Champagne

    Uuuummmm… super

  12. Rene Ortega


  13. Siera Harmon

    Want it

  14. Kylene Hing


  15. Maria K Rodriguez

    Lo quiero!!

  16. Rana Kashif Bin Yousaf


  17. Dorraine Slaughter

    I would love that..I think…lol

  18. Дракончик Ира

    This seems versatile

  19. Nyi Nyi Htun

    i think i know why you need this.

  20. Anne-marie Milkybar James

    will this be available on amazon anytime soon?

  21. Michael England

    Those 2 are NSFW 😉

  22. Apple Trinity Martini

    Definitely could use this

  23. App Pop Shmere

    I have an idea for a 9th position?

  24. Tyesha Tucker

    Hey I can mess wit this I'm get this me and my man gonna have fun wit this lol

  25. Josh Mcalister

    the things that come to mind with this;) Nikki Kenaston

  26. Nikki Kenaston


  27. Nikki Kenaston


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