8 Incredible Beer Hacks You Need To Know


Whether you like to enjoy your beer at raging keggers or you simply like to drink a bottle or two after work, there are probably still plenty of things you don't know about this amber nectar. That's why you need to check out this informative list from the Pollen Nation blog at Serenata Flowers. It gives you all kinds of useful tips from discreetly marking your beer bottle, so you know which is yours at a party, to getting icy cold beer without watering it down. This info graphic is going to be super useful for you beer-lovers out there, especially if you're having a party or get-together any time soon. There's even an excellent seasonal tip for anyone throwing a Halloween party or having their own mini Oktoberfest. Don't be left in the dark ages of beer hospitality, check out these eight rad beer hacks now!

Website: Pollen Nation




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