10 Reflection Fails That Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Photos In Mirrors

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Think nobody will know you’re taking a pants-less selfie? Think again!

C’mon guys. Always check the background, rookie mistake!

This woman intended to take a photo of herself in these boss shades, and managed to catch a guy totally checking her out. Creepy!

Now to finish off. Here are some crazy weird selfies

Is it just us or is everyone everywhere totally obsessed with the selfie? No matter their age or location, everyone who owns a phone is getting in on the act, even our moms and grandparents! Some people are total masters of the selfie, whereas others have a lot to learn. Take a look at these 15 people taking selfies which are so crazy, you just won’t believe your eyes. Let us know your favorite selfie fail in the comments below!


This could well be the most romantic first date ever!


That’s probably not the best idea for a selfie ever.


This guy has the selfie down to a fine art!


That’s an interesting location for a selfie, and choice of emoji!


It’s nice to see her students care!


We do not know why.


Moms love taking selfies too but they’re still new to the craze.


This just looks strange.


Somewhere within this group of selfie-crazy women is a slightly terrified James Franco!


Everyone loves a good peanut butter and jelly selfie!


Erm… ok!?


Who thought that this would be a good idea?


You’ll never be able to unsee this!


This guy’s fooling no one.


And finally, this lecture must be totally boring!

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