17 Yummy Sandwich Hacks You Wish You Knew

The sandwich is arguably one of the handiest and most versatile foodstuffs around. It can be eaten as a meal or as a snack and can be as nutritious or as junk filled as you like! You can used any type of bread you want and it’s pretty cheap and easy to put together too! Here, we take a look at 17 of the yummiest sandwich hacks which will make your mealtimes ones to remember.


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Weaving the bacon will allow you to make the picture perfect BLT. (The bacon won’t annoyingly fall out either!)


Got a day off? Make up your lunchtime sandwiches for the week and put them in the freezer. Take a pack out before you go out in the morning and it will be perfectly defrosted by lunchtime!


Ever wondered how to roll the perfect wrap? Well now you know!


Spread mayo on grilled cheese to add a whole new and yummy dimension to your snack.


Simple yet clever!


Making your own mayo is easy and good for you too!


Aha! So that’s the secret to the perfect BLT.


Looking to impress? Slice crusts off your sandwiches with a pizza cutter . Get a clean edge every time.


Rather than using boring old bread in the morning, give your breakfast sandwich some pizzazz by swapping it for waffles.


Sick of soggy sandwiches? While preparing your other ingredients, set aside tomatoes on paper towel to soak up excess moisture.



Make grilled cheese in the oven. This way you can make enough to feed the whole family in one go! Simply place two baking sheets into a hot oven then put the sandwiches in between.


Let messy sandwiches be a thing of the past by learning to stack. Put meats and cheeses directly on to the bread to form a base and place salad items on top. Simple when you know how!


Garlic bread and spaghetti may sound weird but trust us, it works!


Another neat trick!


Make college style grilled cheese by setting the iron to the silk setting and ironing tinfoil covered sandwiches for two minutes on each side.


Use a pastry blender to make the perfect egg salad!

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