13 Awkward Things That Happen On Your First Few Days At ‘Hogwarts’

The first few days of any new school can be daunting, and that’s when we’re just talking about ‘muggle’ schools. Imagine what extra perils and pitfalls there are when you’re just starting out at a ‘wizarding’ school, like ‘Hogwarts’. Okay, so the trade-off would probably be worth it, but it must be hard trying to fit in at a new school while also getting to grips with enchanted objects, moving staircases and animals who might secretly be your teacher! Check out these thirteen awkward things that might happen your first few days at Hogwarts!

Everyone sees you totally eat it at Platform 9 3/4.

When you get on the Hogwarts Express, you don’t know anyone and you have to try and find some friendly folks to share a compartment with.

When the snack trolley comes round, and all your new friends can afford a chocolate frog, but you can’t!

Then you have to be sorted and it’s scary. Not only because your house will be decided, but also because that hat is pretty creepy!

When it’s time for the big feast, but you realize you’re the only one not socializing because you’re too busy tucking in!

You try to make friends with ‘The Boy Who Lived’, but you get totally denied in front of everyone.

The next morning you’re late for your first class, because the staircases keep moving and depositing you in the wrong place.

When you turn up and you think the teacher is even later than you are, so you start trash-talking her and it turns out she was sitting there the whole time… being a cat.

At lunchtime, it seems like you’re the only one who is wondering if having owls walk all over the table is hygienic. 

You try to find a bathroom before your afternoon lessons, and you end up in the first floor girls’ bathroom, where ‘Moaning Myrtle’ won’t stop bothering you as you try to pee.

Then it’s your first flying lesson, and you’re certainly not a natural!

And to make it worse, that cute Quidditch player saw you make a fool of yourself. The horror!

Finally, it’s time for bed… what else could go wrong?! Oh yeah, you realize that your mom packed some embarrassing PJs and you have to change into them in front of your new pals!

Well, maybe tomorrow will be better!

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