Artist Curtis Santiago Turns Vintage Ring Boxes Into Beautifully Detailed Ring Box Dioramas

Small enough to contain just one elegant ring, it’s almost impossible to imagine how a ring box can contain a miniature theatrical scene. Toronto-based artist Curtis Talwst Santiago was able to create amazing worlds inside tiny boxes in his series of ring box dioramas. In his Infinity Series, vintage ring boxes in different shapes and sizes serve as a stage for his miniature figures in various settings. We’ve seen a lot of dioramas crafted in a larger scale using shadow boxes and even bookends. So, why did this particular artist decided to use tiny ring boxes instead?

talwst ring box dioramas


It all started when a vendor at a market in Paris gave him a vintage ring box and asked him to do something with it. Then the idea of creating a miniature diorama inside the tiny box immediately sparked in his mind. His first creation featured a spectacular beach setting highlighted by a woman in a black swimsuit. As the viewer opens the box, the picturesque scene emerges to transport them to another world. That’s how his series of ring box dioramas began.


talwst ring box dioramas first creation


Some of his creations were inspired by nature and classical arts. However, most of the scenes depicted in his ring box dioramas are based from current events and present-day issues. One of his most powerful creations was The Execution of Unarmed Black Men which depicts the infamous shooting of Michael Brown on August 2014. Portrayed inside an insipid brown box, the subject can be seen surrounded by a group of police officers. Talwst cleverly uses cotton to represent the gun shots that ended the life of the 18-year-old African American man.


The Execution of Unarmed Black Men

talwst ring box dioramas the execution of unarmed black men

Creating small-scale dioramas within a very limited space requires a great sense of control and exceptional attention to detail. As painstaking as it seems, Talwst find this challenging endeavor as an encapsulated expression of his feelings and opinions.

“The work’s small scale allows me the opportunity for a very particular kind of meditation,” he says. “The overarching theme is related to time and space; to my sense of the vastness and the fragility of the world which I inhabit; and my fleeting memories of this world.”


Check out some of his most impressive ring box dioramas included in his Infinity Series.

curtis talwst santiago die puppe


talwst ring box dioramas banksy is your gran


talwst ring box dioramas self love


curtis talwst santiago tell them to stop


curtis talwst santiago sad boy


curtis talwst santiago el torero


curtis talwst santiago after tom after kim after acid


curtis talwst santiago chair


curtis talwst santiago nubian woman attacked by tiger


talwst ring box dioramas black knights


talwst ring box dioramas the rape


talwst ring box dioramas frolic


talwst ring box dioramas lenape wigwam in clearing


talwst ring box dioramas nanganesey creek with deer


talwst ring box dioramas por que


talwst ring box dioramas olukun venus


talwst ring box dioramas deluge


talwst ring box dioramas zulu mother and child


talwst ring box dioramas fridas entry to iguala


talwst ring box dioramas deluge 3


talwst ring box dioramas gaia iii


talwst ring box dioramas christmas in durban

Source: Curtis Talwst Santiago