9 Adorable Photos Of Rescue Kittens Pouncing And Playing


They say you’re either a cat person or a dog person, but we think it’s perfectly possible to love both animals equally. Seth Casteel has primarily been a dog photog in the past, but now he has been adapting his skills to take amazing snaps of kittens. But, not just any kittens; Casteel photographs rescue kittens to help draw attention to the fact that there are many felines out there needing new homes. He also hopes to encourage people to spay and neuter their cats so that one day we might live in a world where there are no unwanted kittens to end up in animal shelters. Check out these nine adorable photos of rescue kittens pouncing and playing.



Meet Zeppelin. He’s so high up he could be a real zeppelin. Except less prone to exploding.


Meet Petunia. She likes hanging out in trees.


Meet Jon Snow. His pouncing style is more like a dance.


Meet Gummibear who’s pouncing high over the clover.


Meet Bug-a-Boo. Their pounce through the grass might be menacing if you were a little critter, but to us it’s just cute!


Meet Fuzzbucket who’s flying high!


Meet Dora the Explora. She lives up to her name with her adventurous nature.


Meet Chicken who’s looking adorable pouncing over the flowers.


And, finally, meet Bam-Bam who is as cute as the cutest of buttons.

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