Reasons That Men Hate Their Partner’s Friends

Many of you reading this will have been in that awkward situation where your partner doesn’t like your friends or vice versa. It sucks being stuck in the middle, right? However, sometimes people don’t even know that there’s an issue, or they choose to ignore it. Here we have a collection of reasons that men hate their partner’s friends. Take a look and see which reasons you feel are legitimate and which ones seem totally unfair!
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This does sound annoying. How about suggesting that she turns her phone off so that you can enjoy some quality time together?

We don’t think this makes you a bad person. We don’t have time for anyone who is going to bring negativity into our lives! 

Some people can dish it out but they can’t take it. 

We do believe people can be bad influences. However, your partner is responsible for her own decisions and actions.  

It doesn’t sound like the girlfriend is being very sensitive towards your feelings. 

They don’t sound like friends at all. She should cut them out! 

Sometimes we have to trust our loved ones to make the right decisions! 

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This is really sad! 

This doesn’t sound like much of a relationship, to be honest. 

‘Obsessed’ does sound rather strange!

It’s easy to hold a grudge where love is involved. 

Firstly, terrible ‘friend’. Secondly, what’s the point in a rumor like that?

Sometimes we can’t see the things that are right in front of us. Or, maybe she just doesn’t share your views. 

Why do they think that? Surely it would be better to clear the air than to put the girlfriend stuck in the middle.