11 Reasons Why People End Up Cheating On One Another


Cheating sucks! Yet so many people, both men and women, go ahead and do it anyway. Have you ever been cheated on? If the answer is 'yes', then one of the first questions that went through your head, when you found out, was 'WHY?'. While some people cheat because they are just jerks with no consideration for others' feelings, usually there's a deeper reason that sparks a cheating debacle! Here are 11 of the top reasons why people cheat. Some of them will enlighten you while others may surprise you! Take a look!


Getting married too early. People change as they get older. Which may leave some people dissatisfied but too scared to leave the marriage. So, they cheat!


They don't actually think they're cheating. Some people think foreplay, like kissing, isn't cheating. And thus, their mind is eased when they slip up a little.


Being a guy. It's no excuse, but some studies have indicated men are more likely to cheat, due to the testosterone flowing through their bodies. Hmmm…



Being refused sex all the time. This can wear thin and cause the denied partner to stray.

Having a smelly partner. This is weird, but true. Although, you'd think the cheating party would tell their lover, first, right?


Having different views. If you disagree on moral or political issues, this can cause deep seated resentment which can then lead to cheating.


Some people get a thrill from it. They just can't help themselves, they enjoy manipulating people and especially love the feeling of lying and not getting caught. That's until you catch them, of course!


The relationship they're in lacks emotional support. This is a very common reason people stray.


Revenge. Loads of people cheat just to get back at a partner. 


Having an odd fetish. Some people are into some sort of weird kink that they are too ashamed to tell their partner about. It's sad, but true. 


They're a sex addict. Unfortunately for them, and for their partners, sex addiction can affect anyone. 

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