Real Problems Only Lazy People Will Understand


Life is hard enough without having to do chores. When you go to school or work all day, the last thing you want to do when you come home is housework. That might sound bad but it is so the truth! Lazy people get such bad press for thinking that way and we don’t think it’s fair. It’s actually hard work as lazy people have to get creative to find solutions to things that other people have covered. Take a look and see if you recognize yourself or someone close to you!


Isn’t it enough just getting out of bed without having to do something else?

Deciding that working out is just one step too far today.

You can’t be bothered moving so you ask your pet to get the remote.

It takes weeks to put away the laundry.

It’s shower time but you just can’t be bothered moving.

Your phone is dead but you can’t be bothered moving to find the charger.

When someone invites you outside.

When you decide you’re going to be productive.

When you want to work from home so you don’t need to find clean pants.

When you text someone in the next room rather than bothering getting up.

When you can’t be bothered putting on a bra so you find a huge sweatshirt to wear.

When you can’t be fussed cooking or washing dishes.

When you’re in bed and you forgot to turn out the light.

When the laundry really needs to be done.

When you honestly don’t know how to make the bed.

When your entire living space looks like this.

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