14 Hilarious Snaps From The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Part 1


Any wildlife photographer wants to get the perfect shot of that giant grizzly bear looking majestic and intimidating or that owl in a graceful, glorious swoop. But occasionally you end up with a photo of a bear taking a salmon to the face or an owl doing a funny walk. While they might not be gracing the cover of National Geographic anytime soon, these kinds of photos are still awesome… and they have the power to make us laugh! The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography awards celebrate these funny animal photos, and we think it’s great. Here are fourteen of our favorite entries from 2016. 



Someone must have said something funny!


“George! What are you doing?!”


Is that fish on its way in or out?


Someone certainly likes corn!


Happy owl is happy.


“Oi, Bob… Whatchu lookin’ at?!”


Salmon fail!


That’s one way to get to the juiciest berries!


Ah, the illusive Puff Eagle.


This guy must be preparing for an interview with the Ministry of Silly Walks.


“No, Angie, this is my time to shine!”


Being tiny is hard… so learn to walk on stilts!


“Are you getting my good side?”


“And then, the man said, ‘How do you think I pressed the doorbell?'”

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