Hilarious Comebacks From George Takei Showing How To Handle Trolls

George Takei is no doubt a wonderful man. When you hear his name, the first thing that probably springs to your mind is his incredible role in the original ‘Star Trek’ series, but, George has given the world so much more than that. At 79 years of age, George is a huge crusader against hate of all kinds. He is extremely popular boasting over 10 million likes on his Facebook page. Many of the things George defends and is an advocate for are very close to home for him making his campaigns for peace and justice all the more emotional. He slays with kindness, wit and sassiness and we can’t get enough of him! Take a look below to see what we are talking about!
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It should be ‘why does everyone like brunch’?

Wink Wink.

Eddie got put in his place!

Benjamin set up George perfectly for this one!

We love George’s attitude to life. 

Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than correcting someone’s spelling/grammar.

Rest in peace, Martin Luther King. 

Well done George for even being able to read this lady’s poorly written sign. 


Spelling the thing you are protesting about correctly would be a good start…

Look this passage up, you’ll be mind blown!

A great analogy!

George is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. 

Why do other people care so much about other people’s Instagram tags?

That facial expression! Priceless!