Polis Dimitriadis Creates Beautiful And Quirky USB Flash Drives By Hand


Athens, Greece-born Polis Dimitriadis is a graphic designer who also makes beautiful handmade USB flash drives from a variety of unusual materials and objects. He has created his own brand, BAT, and his own Etsy shop to sell his USBs and people around the world are loving them! His work has been featured in exhibitions in both his native Greece and further afield, and he even makes custom orders. An extra-awesome added touch is that when he sends you your order, just scan the QR code provided to see the area the materials used in the USB came from via Google Maps! So take a look at the amazing pieces below which are made from a gramophone needle box, a vintage Ultron radio tube, a radio quartz crystal from the 1940's and lots more. Oh and check out the awesome 500GB USB 3.0 portable Nintendo Game Boy hard drive too! Enjoy!
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