This Colorful Glass Tunnel Looks Out Of This World… Literally!


Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has created the most beautiful tunnel out of colored glass. The effect is so magical that it looks like it could come from another world. Perhaps unsurprising for a work of art made by someone who comes from a country where more than 50 percent of residents believe in trolls, elves and other mythical creatures. This installation piece can be viewed in the San Francisco Museum of art, where it's possible to walk through the tunnel. Inside, it looks like you're in the interior of a kaleidoscope! Cool!

Website: Olafur Eliasson


However, this piece does have a twist. It's called "One Way Color Tunnel" because when you walk through it from one direction, you see these beautiful colors…

Olafur Eliasson


but walk through from the other side and you see this.

Olafur Eliasson


The glass has been painted with color effect acrylics, which allow the viewer to see color from one direction and then black from the other. 

Olafur Eliasson



The idea behind Olafur's work is that when people walk through, they have an unusual sensory experience, which challenges the conceived notions of perspective and perception.

Olafur Eliasson


We would love to experience this!

Olafur Eliasson


Leave a comment below if you've had the pleasure of walking through this beautiful tunnel.