These 10 Shocking Photos Will Change How You Look At Waste Forever


We live in a society fueled by consumerism, where it seems natural to throw away a perfectly usable phone just because there's a newer model available, or to put that jelly jar in the trash rather than reusing it to hold something else. Of course, we all know that recycling is good, and most of us do it to some degree, but there are few households which recycle everything that could be recycled. And, besides, recycling still takes up a lot of resources in terms of energy and manpower. Even if you're concerned about waste, it's hard to visualize the combined waste of the entire nation, or even that of your town or neighborhood. That's where these shocking images by photographer Chris Jordan come in. Jordan takes photos of items at junkyards in order to make the viewers think a bit more about waste and consumption. These photos really do hit close to home.
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We're certainly going to think twice before we throw something out, and first consider whether it can be reused in any way.

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