10 Pairs Of Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are The Same Age


Aging is a strange concept! Although, technically, everybody ages at the same rate, two people of the same age will often look like they're years apart. If you're the lucky one, you'll look young for your age, but then again, looking older than your years can also have its perks! We've collected 20 celebrities and put them in pairs according to age. Unless you already knew it, you'd never guess that each pair of these celebs are the same age as each other! Take a look and see what we mean!


You'd never guess Liam Hemsworth and Thomas Brodie-Sangster were the same age, but in fact, both were born in 1990!


Danny Pudi and Chris O'Dowd are the same age! They were born in 1979.


Idris Elba and John Cho both came into this world in 1972.


Born in 1988, Michael Cera and Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson are the same age. Freaky!



Baby-faced Sarah Hyland, and Jennifer Lawrence were both born in the same year, 1990.


Jim Parsons looks far younger than Andrew Lincoln, but they were both born in 1973!


Chuck Norris and Michael Gambon were both born in 1940!


We can hardly process the fact that Nick Offerman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are the same age, with 1970 as their year of birth.


Can you believe Jared Leto and Martin Freeman were both born in 1971?


Strange but true, Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage were both 1964 babies!

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