This Couple Transformed An Old School Bus Into Their Vacation Home

Depending on how much you enjoyed school, you might have good or bad memories of cramming into one of these old yellow buses, but for most people their school bus days are over once they leave education. However, one couple decided to renovate an old school bus and turn it into their very own holiday cabin.

Caroline West and Marco Khalil from Victoria, British Columbia bought this bus for a bargain price in 2012. It took them just 10 days to renovate it, and now it lives in their backyard as a mobile cabin. It’s great for when guests come to stay, but it’s also perfect for when the couple want to pick up and go on vacation.

Staying true to its original purpose, the couple have paid extreme attention to detail when decorating the place and you’ll spot a number of homages to childhood and education, such as old classroom chairs, globes and vintage toys.

The place looks amazing! This couple’s friends are extremely lucky if they get to stay in this adorable little bus-cabin when they come to visit!