19 Creative Ways To Make Your Office More Organized


Do you find yourself rummaging around your desk looking for things, buried alive by your own paperwork and office knick knacks? Do you often wish to yourself that you had more space in your office? Even if you are a little OCD about keeping a tidy, well-organized desk and office space, there's bound to be room for some creative, space-saving improvements. Check out these 19 ways to make your office more organized and breathe a little easier during your working day.


Make a DIY pencil holder from cork trivets.


Keep your desk space free by utilizing a clip on desk organizer.


Easily open blister packs with a trusty can opener.


Use an old cassette tape case as a smartphone holder.


Nail polish can be used creatively to help identify keys.


A USB-powered vacuum can kept your desk in tip top shape.


Neatly file papers such as bills and invitations in the coils of an old spring.


Use a cheap spice rack to keep small office items such as staples and drawing pins organized.


A Tie pocket. Add one to your tie and keep cash and cards safe.


Keep your drink safe and save space with a clip-on drink holder.

Find it here: Desk Cup Holder



A kitchen basket pinned to the underside of your desk is perfect for holding plugs.


Binder clips can keep your cord ends nice and tidy, like this: 


Clean your keyboard with ear buds.


Convert an old muffin tin to store odds and ends in your desk drawer.


A re-purposed wine rack can make a gorgeous desk organizer.


These hanging storage baskets are made from old disinfectant wipes containers.


Stick five Mason jars together to make a great desk organizer.