Watch This Man Play A Guitar Made Out Of LEGO


If you're a fan of LEGO, you've probably made plenty of weird and wonderful creations over the years, but what about a fully functioning guitar? Nope… we didn't think so. However, one man, an Italian guitarist called Nicola Pavan, has made such an item, and it's freaking awesome! Of course, the neck, hardware and electronics are what you'd find on a regular guitar, but everything else is made entirely from LEGO. Pavan is such a skill LEGO guitar craftsman that he hasn't even had to use glue to hold any of the parts in place. Incredible! What's more incredible still is that it actually works. Talking about his creation, Pavan said…

"You might be thinking that under that layer of Lego there is some type of wood that forms the support, but you are wrong. The body is made entirely of Lego and without any kind of glue between the various blocks."

Website: Pavan Wood Works




See Pavan play his LEGO guitar below!


That's some impressive LEGO-building right there!

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