The ‘Wooden Orchid’ Might Be The Most Amazing Mall Ever In China


China is a rapidly advancing country, but one of the biggest challenges its residents face, is the quality of life in big cities. As many more people move from rural areas to cities, these cities are becoming overcrowded and heavily polluted.  Architect Vincent Callebaut doesn't claim to be able to solve this problem, but does think that carefully designed spaces could offer some relief. Callebaut has come up with what is essentially a mall-garden hybrid. At present the mall is just in its conceptual stages, but the designs look incredible. The "wooden orchid" would be a large retail center, but would also have gardens throughout (including on the roof), a library, a sports center, and its very own farmer's market. You need to see the designs to really get a feel for this awesome idea!

Website: Vincent Callebaut Architectures 













Incredible! They should build shopping centers like these all over the world!

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