This Couple Did A New Born Style Shoot With Their Dog And The Results Are Adorable


Married couple Jan and Chase Renegar are neighbors with Jamie Clauss of Count It Joy Photography. Clauss specializes in shooting the kind of sappy new born photos that you've probably seen before. When Clauss finished a shoot early one day, and had everything still set up, Jan idly commented that she would love to do a shoot with Clauss, but lacked one vital element… a baby! This is when Clauss had the amazing idea to use Snuggles, Jan and Chase's Jack Russel Terrier, instead. So they did, and the results are just the best thing ever. The shoot is equal parts hilarious and adorable. I would totally be recreating this right now if my pup didn't weight 75 pounds!
























Oh my goodness! We are just dying of cute overload here!

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