20 Of The Funniest Pinterest Fails Ever


Pinterest. Among other things, it's a place where all sorts of talented people can show off their nifty crafting and admirable DIY skills. Sometimes these pictures look so good they inspire the rest of us to have a go, too. But what happens when things don't exactly turn out as planned? Epic fails, that's what. Check out these 20 hilarious Pinterest disasters, compared with how the project was supposed to look.


Terrible Sock Wreath


Failed Hair Flip


Disaster Mozzarella Cheese Bites


Melted Minion


Kid Tower


Pumpkin Patch Baby


Deviled Chicks


Cookie Monster Cupcakes


Failed Cookie Bowls


Trainwreck Cake


Failed Marble Nails


Waffle Iron Cookie Mess


Mountain Dew Penguin Cupcakes


Bottle Bottom Flowers



Shark Cupcake Fail


Fried Egg Fail


Chocolate Covered Kiwi Popsicle Fail


Ruffle Scarf Fail


String Balloon


Crayon Art Fail

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