10 Famous Authors And Their Weird Writing Habits


If you're a literature geek, we certainly don't need to tell you who the likes of Ernest Hemingway or Flannery O'Connor are. You might know the works of these famous authors, but do you know how they liked to write? We all have our quirks, and authors are certainly no exception. Vladimir Nabokov, for instance, wrote his novels in pencil on index cards. But not any old pencils or index cards, either! He had to have lined Bristol index cards and well sharpened, not too hard, eraser-topped pencils. This fascinating graphic, from the people over at 'Trust Essays', lists 10 iconic authors and tells us about some of their weird writing habits. If you're a lover of literature, you'll want to read on! Take a look!
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If you write, do you have any strange quirks or habits while you do so?

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