Brilliant Gravestones By People Who Knew How To Make People Laugh

Legacy is what we leave behind when we depart from this world. And, for some people, there is nothing better to leave behind than something that can make the world smile. Here we have a selection of brilliant gravestones by people who knew how to spread laughter and amusement. Death doesn’t have to be the end. Take a look! 

What a lovely poem.

Don’t you dare disturb me from my eternal slumber.

Clearly a scrabble enthusiast lies here. 

Human life summarized into one stone.

You can’t always get everything you want in life.

Even writers have flaws.

There’s no need to apologize.

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This explains my life.

At least she looks happy about it! 

The message is loud and clear.

Keeping it simple and short.

This is the grave of Elijah Bond, the inventor of the Ouija board. I wonder if we can use this to keep in touch with him?

Someone doesn’t care anymore.

A good way to live… 

How to make the people you leave behind feel super guilty! This is hilarious, though.