18 Incredible Pieces Of Book Art That Will Blow You Away


Books are incredible things filled with lots of information, imagination, and magic. Reading a book can take you through a huge range of emotions and is something to be treasured. Have you ever wondered though what happens to end-of-life books? Well take a look below to see what some artists have done to turn old books into breathtakingly awesome works of art. These pieces will blow your mind!


House in a Field


Mayberry's Insects


Charon and the Door to a World of Dreams


Old Book Carvings


Great Comfort


Hot Air Balloon Sculpture


Book of Life


Book Sculpture Made with Surgical Tools


Frog Prince


Naked Book


The Little Mermaid




Alice in Wonderland 



Pride and Prejudice


Fossilized book


The Little Match Girl


The Paper House



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