13 Times Milhouse From ‘The Simpsons’ Was The Funniest – Part 1


The Simpsons has been on television for more than 20 years and is arguably one of the best-known animated shows ever. It somehow manages to stay fresh and is always attracting a new generation of Simpsons fanatics. Now, everyone has their favorite characters, but ours is possibly Bart's long-suffering BFF, Milhouse. You can't deny that he's had some classic lines and is just so adorably uncool that he's almost cool. Almost. Check out these thirteen times when Milhouse was one of the funniest characters on TV. 

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When he knew how to be rebellious.


When you realized how bad his eyesight is without his glasses.


When he was totally relatable.



When he made the best excuses.


When he was obsessed with big brows way before the rest of us were.


When he came up with the best name ever.


When he was less stinky than the day before.


When he was missing half the story.


When he revealed his biggest secret.


When he clearly hadn't read to the end.


When he was too cute for words.


When he wrote this totally endearing note.


When he finally had use for his flood pants.

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