Rare Color Photographs From 1913 Show A Slice Of Life From 100 Years Ago By Photographer Mervyn O’Gorman


When we think of photographs from an entire century ago, we automatically think in black and white. Yet color photography was happening as early as 1913, as these timeless shots by Mervyn O'Gorman prove. The color in the shots below was created using glass plates and potato starch in a technique known as autochrome. O'Gorman used this technique to take beautiful images of his daughter Christina wearing red in the British countryside. Curiously, both the photographs themselves and the technology behind them, were the results of side projects by their authors. Rather than a photographer, O'Gorman is best known as a motoring pioneer, while the inventors of autochrome, France's Lumier Brothers, are more widely known for their work with cinema. Check out the gorgeous images. Do you think they look 100 years old?

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