Manicure Mistakes Women With Gorgeous Nails Should Avoid At All Costs

Being in possession of a pair of perfectly manicured nails feels fantastic, doesn’t it? You have to somehow restrain yourself from haughtily drumming those gorgeous fingertips on every surface possible, so that everyone notices just how pretty your hands are looking. Having terrific talons is something that can be achieved from your own home, at a fraction of the price that your local salon charges. Yet if you want a salon-perfect look, as we’re sure you do, then be sure to avoid these all-too-common manicure mistakes! Take a look!

Having dirty nails. – Oil, dirt and old nail polish are the biggest offending parties here. Get rid of them before starting a new manicure.


You forget to soak them. – It’s more important than you think. Soaking your hands in warm water softens your skin and nails, all the better to avoid hangnails and breakage!


You file your nails incorrectly. – Filing them as though you’re using a saw is so bad for your nails. Go in one direction.


You shake your nail polish bottles. – Despite popular opinion, this is not good for the varnish, as it creates bubbles. However, it is important to gently roll the bottle back and forward in your hand though, instead of shaking it.


You skip the base coat. – Using a base coat is key, not only because it makes your nail varnish last longer, but it also prevents your nail from becoming all yellow and stained from the color!


You don’t apply your polish correctly. – Listen up ladies, this is the proper way to do it! Three strokes: the first in the middle, second one side, third the other. Do not do it all in one go!


You paint it on too thick. – Thicker polish takes a lot longer to dry. And, you’ll probably end up smudging it. Paint on your varnish in thin coats, while waiting until each is thoroughly dry before adding another. 


You forget to ‘seal’ the tip. – The tips of our fingernails are most at risk of chipping. Seal the tip of each nail after painting by gliding the brush along it.


You use a Q-tip to correct mistakes. – This is a big mistake. The fibers from the Q-tip can easily get stuck in your manicure, completely ruining it. Instead, use an old makeup brush dipped in remover!


You skip the top coat. – This is essential as it not only makes your nails more shiny and professional-looking, it also protects them from chips and breakage!


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