Learn How Not To Behave In 15 Countries Around The World


Traveling to new countries can be fun and exciting, but many people find that when they arrive, they get a culture shock. Every country has its own customs and social norms, so it’s important to remember that what might be perfectly normal (or even encouraged) in one country, can be rude or offensive in another. This might seem like a potential minefield, but as long as you do your research before visiting an unfamiliar country, then you should have no problems. Business Insider has put together a handy infographic, so you can see how not to behave in 15 commonly-visited countries all over the globe. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you’d be wise to keep these in mind. 

Website: Business Insider

Business Insider

It’s great to have this kind of information available, so you don’t end up inadvertently offending anyone on your next trip!

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