14 Images Showing Gorgeous Disney Inspired Dresses You Will Be Desperate To Own Created By A Talented Designer Dad

Many of you reading this will have grown up watching Disney movies admiring the princess dresses. Well, here we introduce the work of Nephi Garcia who is making dreams everywhere come true. The 32 year old California based designer and dad has an incredible talent for making the most beautiful Disney inspired dresses, that are available to purchase. It all started when his daughter asked for a costume to wear to Disney world. Instead of buying one, Nephi created one that ended up getting so much positive attention he now runs an extremely successful business. Take a look!
Website: Instagram / LittleBrightDress

Nephi in action!

For the right person this would make a wonderful wedding dress!

We just adore the layers on this design…

Get in the Princess Jasmine groove…

A dress that would make Elsa herself proud!

Princess and villain… can you make out who?

Those roses are such a gorgeous touch to this photo.

A version of Cinderella’s dress after her step sisters ruined it…

So much happiness in one photo!

This is a little girl’s dream dress!

This would have been perfect for the new ‘Beauty And The Beast’ remake!

What a perfect Alice outfit!


We want all of these dresses in one amazing wardrobe!