Cute But Cruel Postcards To Send To Your Enemies


At first glance, you might look at the adorable animal drawings on these postcards and think 'Aww'. However, when you look more closely and read the text, you'll discover that they're actually pretty mean. Of course, this is by design, because sometimes you just need to be a jerk to somebody. Killien Huynh is the creative mastermind behind these postcards, which she designed for people to send to their worst enemies. We think that's actually a pretty substantial gap in the market! They might be a little bit harsh, but there are occasions when you have to get tough. That said, there probably aren't that many people who would genuinely send one to somebody they dislike, but they could be funny for a bit of light-hearted banter between friends and loved ones! Check them out!
Website: Killien Huynh on Behance













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