Bake Like A Pro With These 16 Awesome Cake-Making Hacks


There is no smell on earth as awesome and as reassuring as the smell of home baking. Sometimes though, we just don't have the time to stay home all day baking cakes and sweet treats. It's always good therefore to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve in order to get things done faster and better. Take a look at these 16 awesome baking tips and see if you can apply them to your culinary repertoire and if all else fails and you can't be bothered to cook just cheat and buy a cake from the store!  


Use a heating pad to ensure your bread dough rises perfectly every time!


A pearl necklace brings a bit of magic to the edging of a pie!


If you don't have a tart pan, just use aluminum foil to create an edge which is the right size!


Got no unsweetened chocolate in the store cupboard? Don't worry, just mix 1 tablespoon of melted butter with 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder per ounce of chocolate. Easy!


If you want your frosting to have a swirling effect, put your chosen colors into disposable frosting bags and then into one big piping bag.


Want to modify a recipe but you're unsure about the cooking time needed? Take a look at these cookie conversion charts here.


Want to make the perfect cheesecake? Whip the batter up well to give it a silky texture. Remember to pre-bake the crust too. Allowing the cream cheese to soften at room temperature is another important tip and lastly don't forget to chill your cake before serving!



If you have a cookie craving but have limited ingredients, why not make these three-ingredient cookies? Instructions here.


Chill your cookie dough and your tasty treats will keep their shape during cooking.


If you want your cakes to look as perfect as this one, use a mix of flour, shortening and oil to line the tin. Instructions here.


To get totally flat cake layers, dampen strips of towel, wring out any excess water and secure them around your cake tins with safety pins before baking.


Can't find a rolling pin? Don't worry, just use a glass drinks bottle instead.


Want to show your love without paying for a new cake tin you'll hardly ever use? Create a heart-shaped cake with circle and square pans!


Where you can, replace oil and butter with yummy fruit purees or yogurt.


JELL-O frosting brings lots of flavor and color to your cakes!


And finally boxed mixes can taste every bit as good as cakes made from scratch so don't feel guilty to cheat a little when you're pressed for time!

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