6 Interesting Illustrations Showing The Strangest Scenes People Have Spotted Through Windows


Some would say it is human nature to be nosey. We stroll past windows all the time and occasionally certain things will catch our eye, we don't always mean to look but sometimes it just happens. English artist Paul Blow has adapted some hilariously bizarre stories about what people have seen through windows into awesome illustrations. Take a look and feel free to share any of your own window peeping stories in the comment section below!
Website: PaulBlow


A window cleaner spied a lady eating dinner at a table completely surrounded by cats, also eating their dinner!

Cat Dinner


One neighbor spotted a Justin Bieber obsessed fan sitting with a life size cut-out of the pop star.

Cut Out



An innocent dog walker spotted a woman walking a man-dog on a leash in her front room!

Guy On Leash


A man was spotted unfazed by his owl sitting on his head whilst he ate!

Owl On Head


This mortified mail man was caught using someone's garden as a toilet!

Peeing Postman


A lady was spotted weighing one of her boobs on a set of scales… interesting!

Weighing Boob