See How Long Your Food Really Lasts Before Going Bad


We hate waste here at Awesome Inventions, which is why we're shocked and appalled that an astounding one-third of all food produced on this planet ultimately gets thrown away. Now, a good chunk of that waste happens before the food even gets into anyone's home but, even so, too much food is thrown away by people who have purchased it. Not only is this bad on your wallet, but taking in to account how many people in the world are going hungry, it's plain inconsiderate. A big part of the issue is conservative use-by dates. Grocery stores and food manufacturers feel as though they need to be cautious, but often food is good for far longer than it says on the package. Following guidelines from the USDA, FDA and CDC, 'Business Insider' has compiled this graphic to show you how long your food will really last in the pantry, the fridge, and the freezer. 
Website: Business Insider




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