These Funny Illustrations Show The Three Kinds Of People In This World

We previously featured some humorous illustrations by Joao Rocha, showing the two kinds of people in this world. These illustrations were an internet success and were seen by millions of people, but clearly not everyone agreed with Rocha. One artist took to Tumblr with a tongue in cheek response to these ‘two kinds of people’ illustrations. The Tumblr account is called ‘3 Kinds of People’ and the homepage states…

”There is not only 2 kinds of people in the world, there is a 3rd one that needs our help.”

The ‘3 Kinds of People’ account basically takes the 2 kinds of people illustrations adds a third, clueless, type of person into the equation. So, if you’re always running out of toilet paper or forgetting your shoes when you leave the house, then you might just belong to that third group of people. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer any kind of support you might need! Take a look!
Website: 3 Kinds of People

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