Homeless Boy Doing Homework Outside Using Light From Local McDonalds Pulls Heartstrings


When student Joyce Gilos Torrefranca snapped a homeless boy diligently getting on with his homework in the street, using the light from a nearby McDonalds to see, she had no idea how powerful the image would turn out to be. When Torrefranca posted the image of nine year old Daniel Cabrera online, it quickly went viral. Now, a wave of support is in motion for the boy, one that will hopefully transform his life for the better. Cabrera and his mother Christina Espinosa were left on their own after Daniel's dad died in prison, in Mandaue, the Philippines. Mother and son were forced to live in a wall-less food stall because their house burned down. Espinosa earns only 80 Philippine pesos (US$1.77) per day, yet that hasn't stopped her son from dreaming of better things. Each evening, he attempts to further his education by studying in the street on a home made bench. Since the photograph went viral, local politicians and people from around the world have stepped in, to offer the boy scholarships and grants. Touching!
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