15 Creative Home Decorating Ideas You Wish You Knew


Home decorating doesn't need to be expensive. If you want to put your stamp on your place we have 15 creative home decor ideas to suit every taste and every room in your home. Prettying your space has never been so easy! From subtle pops of color to amazing 'starry' light shades, it's all here in our collection below. There's even an excellent seasonal garden hack thrown in for good measure. Let us know which home decor hack is your favorite in the comments below.


Old rhinestone necklaces make very stylish tie backs for curtains.


Switch your seasonal plants easily by ensuring they are all potted.


Pretty decorative tape around hangers makes an exposed clothing rack look great!


Try hollowing out an old book for an ingenious way to cover your unsightly router.


Using a sharpie to decorate light bulbs will cast some interesting shapes in your room and the kids will love being involved!


Use some rope to add a quaint and nautical touch when hanging your curtains. Using a sailors knot gets you extra bonus points!


For a subtle color pop paint the sides of doors!


Painting the dresser sides in kids rooms brings new life to old furniture!


For a touch of awesome decadence, place a mouthwash-filled decanter in the bathroom.


Glitter really jazzes up an old light shade which is past its best.



A floating book case adds a touch of interest to 'dead space.'


Stair tread shelves are so quaint and pretty.


Embroidering a welcome message on your screen door brings a homely vibe to any house.


Poking holes in a dark lamp shade gives an ethereal starry effect.


Give your room a minimalist vibe with a plain light bulb placed on a shelf bracket.