13 Things That Would Be Different If ‘Home Alone’ Were Filmed Today

We’re pretty sure that everyone in the world who has access to a TV has seen a young Macaulay Culkin play ‘Kevin McCallister’ in the famous Christmas film ‘Home Alone‘, but if the movie was set in the present day, then things would be very different. What with modern technology, the whole ordeal probably never would have happened in the first place, but if it did it would have been resolved much faster! Check out these ways that Home Alone would have been different if it were filmed in the modern day!

‘The McCallisters’ would have had their boarding passes on their phones, rather than paper versions, thus Kevin never would have spilled milk over them and had his thrown in the trash, which explains why the family didn’t notice he was missing when they handed in the boarding passes at the gate!

The kids would never have been drinking ‘Pepsi’ before bed.

Nobody would have been using pay phones… do those even exist anymore?!

There wouldn’t have been a stash of ‘Playboy’ in Buzz’s room, because everyone gets their nudie pictures online these days!

And, Buzz would never have been able to keep his girlfriend a secret just by hiding her picture, since they would have declared their relationship status on Facebook by now.

‘The Wet Bandits’ totally would have been able to sue the McCallisters for Kevin’s antics.

There’s be no struggle to find last minute flight tickets, Momma McCallister would simply have whipped out her smartphone and headed for ‘Google Flights’.

There’d be no running through the airport without alerting suspicion.

Likewise, airport security measures today mean there’d be no chance the family could wave their mom off at the gate without tickets of their own!

The Wet Bandits would be stars on YouTube thanks to all their fails.

Kevin could have just Googled his neighbor to check he wasn’t the killer.

And he would have posted online after spending time with the ‘Pigeon Lady’.

And, it all would have been resolved by texting Kevin as soon as they noticed he was missing.

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