8 Lipstick Shapes And What They Say About Your Personality


Lipstick is a makeup essential, that just about every woman owns and wears. Whether you're a lipstick fanatic or someone who likes to glam up for special occasions only, you will have noticed that with continued use, your lipstick tips always assume the same certain shape. These shapes vary from woman to woman and according to beauty experts, each shape says something about the wearer's personality! So, what does your lipstick shape say about you? Read on, and find out!


Concave – This means you are adventurous and curious, you love making new friends. You are fun and inquisitive.



Sharp Angles On Both Sides – This means you're curious, yet, a bit of a mystery to those around you. You have a big ego, but you are a faithful and loving friend to have!



Sharp Angled Curve – You're creative and outgoing, you rarely stop chatting. You are the life of the party and love being the center of attention. You also fall in love easily!




Flat – This means you're direct with high morals. You seem to love a challenge!



Round Tip – You're laid back and easy going, but you're also very feminine and generous. You are like your lipstick, in that you are very well rounded!



Sharp Angle On One Side – You don't mind being in the spotlight, although you are selective when it comes to choosing who you hang out with. You hate routine and schedules. You're outgoing, and you don't shy away from conflict!



Slanted Like Brand New – You're the friend everyone loves. You support others without complaining. You tend to play by the rules and have a reserved nature!



Round Pointed Tip – You love being surrounded by other people. You are also very family oriented and loveable. You value actions over words.


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