14 Hilarious First-Date Disaster Tweets That Will Leave You Cringing – Part 1

Depending on what kind of person you are, you tend to either get really exited or absolutely dread first dates. Either one is natural as you never know what’s coming! If you’re someone who feels they have had a bad dating experience then these hilarious tweets might leave you feeling a lot better about it. Ranging from cheeky and rude to downright scary and freaky… these 14 stories are sure to leave you dreading your next date! Take a look and prepare for a good laugh!

The cheek of it.

How mortifying!

This is so rude!

Chivalry is dead!

Facebook strikes again!


*Walks away slowly*

Gross! We hope the kiss didn’t go ahead!

Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Brutal, but kind of clever…

Alarm bells ringing violently!

Well this sure doesn’t happen everyday!

Some people really don’t think before they speak!

Order 2 desserts if this ever happens again!


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