12 Amusing Comics That Parents Will Identify With


If there are any moms or dads who say they’ve never struggled in all their years of parenting, we’d like to meet them and learn their secrets. For us mere mortals, raising kids isn’t always easy, but it definitely has it’s excellent moments. Betje is a Dutch illustrator living in Los Angeles, and a mother of three. Over a decade of being a mom she has used her experiences to create some super funny cartoons and illustrations about parenting, and we’ve selected a handful of our favorites to show you. Here are twelve amusing comics that parents will identify with. Take a look!



Sometimes you just have to see where the moment takes you.


All parents have been told off for accidentally destroying something that was entirely in the way.


Now that’s startling!


When you’re trying not to be late.


After a while, you forget what you used to do when you were on your own.


There are times when you feel like you need at least twenty extra arms.


Kudos to all those moms out there.


And the dads, too!


Yup. Every time.


Really, what is so amazing about pressing the GD button?!


Oh yes. So adorable. Why don’t you hold him for a minute?


Parenting means always being on call.

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