Genius Bars And Restaurants That Will Impress You With Their Creativity

People all over the world have different tastes. For example, some of us love to go out for a Chinese, finishing the evening in a Jazz bar whilst others want to devour an Italian before hitting their local pub. This is why it’s so great that there’s seems to be something out there to appeal to everyone when it comes to bars and restaurants. However, there’s only so many categories and cuisines that exist. So, it can be hard for establishments to stand out against their competition. Being creative isn’t always easy but here we have some genius bars and restaurants that have nailed it! Take a look! 

And here we present the best fact of the day! 

In our technology fueled world, some people seem to have forgotten you can interact with people in the flesh! 

If only the vandal was named and shamed… 

You just know the people behind this establishment have a brilliant sense of humor.

What an awesome and secretive entrance door! 

We’re fans of this awesome bike piece! 

What a great idea. If these coasters make even one person stop and think, they are worth having. 

Well, when you put it like that! 

There’s a glitch in the matrix! 

One of the best signs we’ve ever seen. 

We’ve never thought about it that way… 

Bagels have feelings too! 

A little politeness really can be rewarding. 

A chill strip that keeps your drinks nice and cool! 

There’s no denying that the staff behind these establishments are super creative. We particularly love the amusing signs! They would definitely entice us in. We firmly believe that the way you communicate and reach out to your customers is hugely important. It’s not always enough to rely on your food or music to hold on to customers because as this post proves, other bars and restaurants are always trying to stand out and be better in numerous different ways. If you own a bar or restaurant of your own, maybe you could use some of these ideas as inspiration to up your game! 

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Aww, these guys are posing as if it’s their first day at school! 

Some people just don’t read! 

We wouldn’t feel too good about touching that pen, to be honest! 

Getting ready for their big debut! 

A great idea! However, there are some strange choices on the list! 

Well, we know what decision we would make! 

Something to bear in mind… 

It would be great if all establishments could be this honest. 

Who doesn’t love looking at a passive aggressive notice every now and again?

We wonder if there is anyone who has taken this sign literally…

We’re guessing the people behind this establishment are not Trump supporters…

What was brought back when the customer joked for a ‘small check’…

The kind bartender poured the cat a shot of milk…

This brilliant system alters the prices of drinks depending on what’s in demand!