Little Things For Your Workplace That Will Brighten Up Your Day

For many people, their work spaces suck the life out of them. Spending majority of your day in a boring office can really take its toll on a person. After all, our surroundings can greatly affect our mood. To combat this, why not spruce up your work area? Here we have some little things for your workplace that are sure to brighten up your day! We’ve got something to appeal to everyone’s tastes, so, take a look and see which ones you’re desperate to get your hands on! 

Anti Theft Mug

If you hold on to the plug part of this mug, no one can steal your cup! 

Arctic Memo Station

This adorable desk piece has notes and a magnetic pen holder! 

USB Astronaut Light

If you fancy some company and a little extra light, this mini gadget is perfect! 

Cable Clips

Say goodbye to confusion when it comes to what cable matches with which appliance when you’ve got these handy cable clips!

Chameleon Tape Dispenser

This little guy is much better to look at than your usual boring tape dispenser. 


Clip On Cup Holder

Ensure your drink has a place to sit comfortably whilst out of the way. 

Dusting Brush

Easily clean your keyboard with this adorable tool! 

Fruit Memos

There’s something about looking at fruit that just puts you in a good mood!

USB Toaster

This adorable ‘toaster’ comes with a USB stick themed as a slice of toast! 

My Document Laptop Bag

Stand out from the crowd with this unique laptop bag! 

Nail Varnish Themed Highlighters

The perfect accessory for any handbag.

Pinocchio Themed Sharpener

Bring back memories from your childhood with this cute pencil sharpener! 

Rabbit Ears Memo Board

These ears are so good for people who forget things easily! 

Sloth Clips

Because, who doesn’t love sloths?

USB Fridge

Keep your drink refreshingly cool with this mini USB fridge!