14 Hilarious Snaps From The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Part 2


Welcome to the second part of this post featuring hilarious snaps from the 2016 comedy wildlife awards. If you love humor just about as much as you love nature and wildlife, then you’re in the right place! These amazing shots feature all sorts of amazing animals in the sorts of humorous poses and scenarios you wouldn’t expect to see! Ever witnessed a startled leopard or a baby elephant throwing a tantrum? No? Well, if you read on then you will do soon! These are another fourteen of our favorite entries to the awesome contest. Check them out!





This guy appears to be laughing at his own joke.


And, if the critter above was funny, this hyena is hysterical!


Headless penguins aren’t quite as well-known as headless horsemen, but they can still make for a spooky story.


“So you just keep going straight, then turn right at that bush, keep going for another mile and you’re pretty much there.”


“You might wanna give it five minutes, mate.”


“It’s okay, I’ll just stay here until spring.””


Fish – 1. Pelican – 0.


Just look at this rare double-ended rhino.


“Oh gosh, not again. I can’t take you anywhere!”


We’ve never seen a bear like this before!


“Oh hi, guys!”


“No, mom! I will not go one more step until I get an ice cream!”


Someone’s been practicing their ballroom dancing steps!

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