14 Hilarious ‘Free Legal Tips’ Given By A Lawyer Based On True Events – Part 1

The stupidity and carelessness of certain people these days is nothing short of shocking. One person who experiences such instances on numerous occasions is humorous lawyer L. Scott Briscoe from West Virginia. During his 19 years of legal practice, Scott has accumulated many tips that others might find useful, and now, he shares them via a Facebook page. So, in case you ever find yourself in a spot of bother, take a look and find out what definitely not to do!
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Oh dear.

A for effort, though.

How can people be so stupid?

Rookie criminals at work!

We have eyes for a reason people, use them. 

Someone had a wish to end up in jail!

Good try!

People share far too much on Facebook…

No, please do, criminals! 

Always read up on your organs!

This pair sound like idiots.

Who would actually fall for this?!

Crotch-less blue jeans, wow. 

Or, don’t plan any felonies at all!


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