These Fangirls Travel The World Photographing Movie Locations And The Reults Are Awesome


Three fangirls from Finland have spent the last few years traveling throughout the world capturing photos of locations from iconic movies and TV shows. Using a tablet or cell to put the actual movie scene into the location it was filmed in when they visit is an ingenious twist, and we’re loving their work. Check it out below and enjoy. Those girls must be having a ball!

Website: FangirlQuest

Supernatural – Riverview Mental Hospital, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Doctor Who – Lake Powell, UT, USA

Forrest Gump – Monument Valley, UT, USA

The Avengers – New York, USA

Doctor Who – Cardiff, Wales

War Horse – Castle Combe, UK

The Walking Dead – Atlanta, GA, USA

Thor: The Dark World – London, UK

Star Trek – Vasquez Rocks, LA, CA, USA

Sherlock – London, UK

Sherlock – Newport, UK

Harry Potter – Gloucester Cathedral, UK

Pirates of the Caribbean – Old Royal Naval College, London, UK

Les Miserables – Old Royal Naval College, London, UK

Hot Fuzz – Wells, UK

Game of Thrones – Ballintoy Bay, Northern Ireland

Drive – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Downton Abbey – Bampton Village, UK

The Beatles – Abbey Road, London, UK

Batman Begins – St. Pancras Hotel, London, UK

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