This Trendy DIY Pencil Earring Will Turn Heads Wherever You Go


The price of jewelry these days can be sky high. Therefore, many people are channeling their inner creativity and creating their own. Luckily for those of us who don't have a natural flare with this kind of thing, the awesome people that do are showing us how it's done. Here we have an extremely simple but totally cute picture tutorial on creating an earring using an old pencil! The possibilities are endless, think of all the colors you could use… and we think it looks pretty cool. Check it out!
Website: Instructables


You will need a pencil of your choice, a saw, a stud earring base, a backing, glue and a drill. 

You will need


Saw your pencil in half.

Half Pencil


Use a drill head that is smaller than the pencil, approximately the size of your earring back.



Use a small amount of glue to hold the earring back inside your pencil, but be careful not to glue up the hole!

Backing Piece



Glue the stud to the other half of the pencil.

Glue Stuf


And voila! You're done.



Easy as pie and looks totally awesome!

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